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parrilla alzada frontal

Mounted grill with front elevation


The ideal complement for your barbecue space/area. This superb quality grill will make a griller’s perfect barbecuing space dream a reality, delivering the best cooking equipment to prepare the tastiest barbecues in your home beside a cozy fire. Our front elevation grill is simple and easy to install, ideal to enjoy moments with family and friends.

Price: 664 USD.
Includes: Grill.
Total weight: 15 kg.
Measurements: 80 cm long / 15 cm high / 55 cm deep.
17 cm minimum height 17 cm, approx. 28 cm maximum height.

Custom-made. Product’s development time is 7 business days from purchase date. We will notify you when your order is ready and has been dispatched.

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Grill with Front Elevation Specifications

Grill profile base

Grill profile base 20 x 20 x 1,5 mm “AISI 304L” stainless steel, 80 cm long x 15 cm high x 55 cm deep.

Front elevation system

Innovative elevation system with height adjustment for a smoother and more even fire handling to avoid vibrations and food dropping. All made of “AISI 304L” stainless steel. 17 cm minimum height 17 cm, approx. 28 cm maximum height.

Modular grills

Modular grills with V-shaped iron profile.


Drip pan to collect juices.

Completely stainless

Manufactured entirely in “AISI 304L” stainless steel.

Front folding

Front folding cover protects the cook from the heat of the fire and simultaneously simplifies maintaining the fire heat by encapsulating the cooking area.