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Tronador T3 Grill

$345.000 $320.000

Solid and versatile. The work of the chef will be simplified by its sophisticated design, allowing excellent results. Its size allows for big groups of meet around the warmth of the fire and the attractive grill, to roast on the spit or cook over the disc.

Price: 492 USD (531 USD).
Includes: Firepit + Semi-Circle Grill (Two stainless steel grills) + Hot Plate With Lip.
Total weight: 50 kg.

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Characteristics of Tronador grill T 3


Heavy Gauge Steel mounted on 3mm thick steel, 95 cm diameter x 63 cm high mounting system for the “Manual/Motorised rotisserie spit” accessory.

Semi-Circle Grill

Two stainless steel grills (round bar iron of ¼ inch), detachable and Separate, each one is 68 cm in diameter and regular height (70 cm to 75 cm).

Hot Plate With Lip

Tronador’s enameled disc, 20 inch enameled disc with 4 cm overflow lip.