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Fuegos del Sur® Chimneys

This has a double convective ventilation chamber, which allows a more efficient chimney compared to traditional chimneys. In addition, it has draft control both in the base area and in the duct area.

Inside, its square iron grill and a solid framed metal mesh sparkler stand out for greater weight and stability.

The terminations of its circular duct, template, rosette and cap are made with the best materials from Fuegos del Sur, guaranteeing safety and durability.

Inspire yourself and trust us with your ideas!

Guided by our experts, we advise you to carry out the project you always dreamed of. We count on all the Accessories and the High quality of Fuegos del Sur and our expertise.

We carry out the complete project, starting with civil works to the barbecue set in detail, where you can find:

  • Mounted grill with front elevation manufactured entirely in “AISI 304L” stainless steel with 2 removable pieces in a V-angle and drip pan to collect juices.,
  • Griddles and discs made of stainless steel or entangled.
    Trident type grill or sword,
  • Spit Motor,
  • Cooker hood with air physic extracting system (lung) of forced (extractor), with different finishes.

We provide solutions for real estate projects, houses, apartments and architectural projects.