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Our grills and accessories combine engineering, design and functionality, operate the barbecue experience whether it’s coal, firewood, gas or electricity, a new level for the barbecue and its guests.

Fuegos del Sur®´s Grills and its accessories are manufactured in Puerto Varas, South of Chile, in the heart of the Los Lagos region, with resistant materials and the highest quality standards. Everything for the enjoyment and standard of the most demanding grills.


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Barbecue & Chimneys

With more than 300 customized and deleveloped proyects along Chile we have the tools, knoledge and a team to deliver an efficient and functional product, developed with first class raw material. Where we guide you through the design, instalation and deliver stages. All our proyects and products are guarranteed.

Our Grills are made in Puerto Varas, south of Chile and in Region de Los Lagoses heart, with resistant materials an the highest quality standards. Guided by our experts, we advise you to carry out the project you always dreamed of. We count on all the Accessories and the High quality of Fuegos del Sur® and our expertise.

We have Mounted Grills front and sided elevation, griddles, gas burners , ovens, smokers, cooking enameled steel discs, doors, guillotine, cooker hoods 100% efficient and more…


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Catering and event production

With more than 5 years in the Catering market, we adapt Events production from home roasts to family gatherings, company celebrations around the grill or events for large companies.

Always looking for unique experiences and creating the greatest memories on the client and his guests. Always giving a first level and personalized service to our clients.

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Catering and Event Production

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